Tim & Beverly Buchholtz

Partnering to Reach America


Most often when people think of mission their mind conjures up an image of a missionary in some remote village halfway around the world. But, did you know that one of the greatest missions opportunities is right here in America? According to statistics, America is now the third largest unreached nation for Christ following right behind India and China. And, there is an estimated 195 million Americans without Christ. To use a phrase from one of Carman's songs, "We need God in America again"!

In September of 2002 we were appointed U.S. Missionaries with the Church Planting & Development department of the Assemblies of God. By training and equipping men and women of God we endeavor to release an army of on fire Christians to reap the lost. Like many other missionary organizations, Assemblies of God missionaries have the responsibility to develop a team of financial partners who provide the necessary finances for their ministry.

If God would lead you to partner with us we want you to know that the relationship is a two-way street. We commit three important things to our partners:

  1. To work diligently to train up workers for the harvest of lost souls
  2. To keep you informed on what God is doing through our ministry
  3. To share prayer concerns with one another. Your name and picture is added to our prayer board along with you prayer requests.

There are two ways you can partner with this ministry: a special gift and/or become a monthly partner. In I Samuel 30:4 a principle was established that said, "Those who go and those who send would share alike." We have always felt that this was our assurance that every single life we touch and every soul that is saved because of our ministry efforts will be also credited to those who are a part of our ministry team. Follow the links below for sowing into this ministry. Our deepest heart felt "thank you" for your decision. May God give you a 30, 60, 100 fold harvest!

Tim & Beverly

Monthly Partnership

Click here to download the monthly faith promise form. Simply fill in the necessary information and mail it along with your first month's pledge to:

U.S. Missionaries Tim & Beverly Buchholz

P.O. Box 215 - Lloyd, FL 32337


Special Gifts

Click the link below and you will be routed to the Assemblies of God U.S. Missions web site to make your donation on line.

Click here to send us your prayer and praise reports:

Currently there are no prayer requests or praise reports. Please check back soon.

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