Tim & Beverly Buchholtz

Who in the World Do You Think You Are?

This series was developed from the powerful women's seminar birthed out of Rev. Beverly Buchholtz' personal journey to understand her place as a woman in the Kingdom of God. This is an empowering relevant and encouraging message to all of God's children—especially His precious daughters.

This seminar was originally developed by request as a curriculum for a seminary in Tallahassee, Florida. This tape series/CD covers the areas of:

Are you dealing with non-biblical and old mindsets on the women's role in the kingdom of God? Are you dealing with self-esteem/self-worth issues? Want to clearly understand what the Bible has to say about women in ministry? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this series is for you! 

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You Need These Tapes Series

 This is a collection of all your favorite 'Rev Bev' tapes from the popular "You Need This Tape" series. All six tapes for only $20.00 (US) plus shipping and handling,

This collection includes:

Accomplishing Forgiveness—"Some people don't deserve forgiveness!" Sound familiar? Then you need this tape. Find out why you may be losing power in your Christian walk, having trouble hearing from God, or even the possible cause for a delay in your healing.

The Devil Likes to Sting Women— Ladies, do you feel distressed, depressed and disturbed? If your answer is yes, you need this tape! Find out why you seem to constantly be the target of stressful and emotional feelings - And, get the answer to overcoming them once and for all!

Mind Wars—Is it hard to do what God wants because your mind talks you out of it? Find out why you seem to be continually dealing with the same issues and understand the significance of such statements as "I will never" or "I will always".

The Little Foxes—Think the little things don't matter? If so, you really need this tape! Find out why you seem to constantly struggle in your Christian walk and uncover all the "little foxes" so you can be set free once and for all.

It's Time To Get Up, Get Dressed & Get Going— Do you sometimes feel like part of you is actually asleep to the purposes of God? It's time to get up and get this tape! Find out why you seem to be weak and sluggish in your spiritual life and why you can't seem to get motivated to be all that you are supposed to be for God.

Taking the Mask Off Your Enemy—Do you really want to understand what Satan is up to and how to stop him? Do you really understand the true meaning of Halloween? Find out exactly what is being celebrated and what Satan has been up to lately.

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