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Student must complete and submit a Student Application for each level of study sending it along with the $50 application fee to the directors of the DSOM before any courses may be taken.

Course enrollment is required on a class-by-class basis.  The  completed Course Enrollment form, along with the course fee of $80, must be received by the registrar no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled class session. There is $10 shipping fee for delivering your materials if you are not picking them up at a previous class.

Audit Only -

For those desiring to take courses for personal growth, you may choose the option of "Audit Only" course enrollment for a fee of $50. Students attending coursess on an audit only basis do not receive course credit or complete a final exam. Therefore, audit only course completion does not qualify as meeting the required ministerial studies for credentials with the General Council of the Assemblies of God. However, audit only course completion can be "upgraded" at a later date to full course credit by completing the necessary requirements and paying applicable fees.

PDF versions of these forms are available to download by clicking the links below. These forms can be completed using the Adobe Reader (fill-in-the-blank) and then emailed to transforming@msn.com or sent via the US Postal Service to:

DSOM c/o Beverly Buchholtz, P.O. Box 215, Lloyd, FL  32337 

You must have Adobe Reader to access these files. If you do not already have the Adobe Reader software, follow this link to download a free version.....  

Important Note Regarding Completing Fill-in-the-Blank Forms

When downloading these forms your Adobe Reader will automatically open for filling in the blanks. Make sure you fill in each area especially the course enrollment box.  To send the form via email, depending on your version of Adobe Reader, select one of the two following ways:

1) Click on the Email icon in your Adobe toolbar and select "Send Copy". This will open you email application. Address the email to Transforming@msn.com

 2) Save a copy of your completed form (recommended) and later attach this form to an email sending it to Transforming@msn.com

Note: Clicking the "Submit Button" on these PDFs will not email your form.  Please use the above instructions.




DISTRICT SEMINAR REGISTRATION - For Global University students (including UBTC students) needing to register for district seminars. (You must have already enrolled with Global University for the corresponding course)


UPE Report

For students already enrolled and needing a Unit Progress Evaluation Report to turn in on the day of class, click here to download a new form: